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Hi all,

I had a zafira B 1.7 CDTi.
There was an issue with it cutting out after idling and a belt squeal that progressively got worse and worse. I ended up replacing the SCV and the timing belt and fan belt as it was very difficult to pin point which belt was causing the issue plus it had 108k miles but none really solved the issue rather stop it for a few days only for it to appear again

I have the DENSO fuel system btw.

I ended up replacing the HPFP as it was on its way out after reading about this issue on an Astra H forum

It seems that as these cars get older this seems to be more common and it is often pointed as a mix of faults.

HPFP failures/problems don't seem to be that well reported here on the A17DTx Platform relating to the Zafira B and I'd realistically expect one to last at least 125k -150k before it needed replacing.
However what happened has happened.

I hope this helps someone who was in the same boat as I spent almost £700 in fixing it before I actually solved the issue.

Some symptoms include:


Hard startup-longer crank up time (Hot and cold)

Rough idle(SCV issue also causes this)

Poor fuel economy

Struggle to get good fuel economy(but it wasnt that bad for me as I came from a 1.6 Duratec Cmax that did 180 for a fuel tank-never found out why it was so thirsty)

Randomly shutting off

LOUD belt squeal (deafening)
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