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This is my first post on this forum. Thanks to the info on the forum, I managed to get my wife's trusty Astra 1.8 SRi (2000 W plater , Polar Sea Blue with factory styling pack & 71K miles) sorted today at the main dealers today. It's been stalling, taking ages to warm up and never really reaching the normal temperature for about two weeks.

Today, they cleaned out the throttle body, re-mapped the ECU (from 115 BHP to 125BHP, latest map??) and fitted a new thermostat. Result is excellent. Really sharp to drive, much better throttle response & more controlable too. Didn't cost me anything either as Car Care Plan covered it:cool: !

I drive an Alfa (sorry but I LOVE Italian cars) & my wife has been considering a 156 Sportwagon latley but the service we get at our local dealer is SO good she now wants either a new style Vectra 2 litre turbo SRi hatch or a Signum 2 litre Turbo Elite:Cool2: Any opinions on these two would be welcome. If it were up to me we'd be keeping the Astra as it's still great to drive (save for the standard Vauxhall sh1t€ gerachange:lmao: ).

Anyway, sorry for the longish post but thanks already for the info contained within:up:


Simon A
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