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from 80k cally turbo (although was on my mk3 astra gsi turbo), professionally converted to 2wd with the LSD all fitted/box sealed up etc etc.
Was literally in my mk3 astra GSI turbo for a year (no more than 2500 miles!!as was a fun/weekend car!)
Gearbox tight as it should be, all 6 gears easy to get, no nasty crunches etc,it's a goodun and can be confirmed by a)my good trader rating and b)other migweb users!
electronically driven speedo.
Looking for £800
thanks for looking, please reply on here or pm and i'll pm in return.
Giving it a week on mig, possibly less then it's going on the bay.
As you can see it's painted silver (very well), tis a lil bit grubby but will clean up fine, also has the proper regal 2wd conversion kit which is included.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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