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I spotted this on their advert in the latest TV, might be worth a look into?

All info here

Club member’s discounts

Who can apply?
If you’re a member of one of the affiliated clubs then you are entitled to a club member account. A list of affiliated clubs appears in the drop down on the registration page. This facility is strictly for club members. Links to club websites appear in our Useful Links page

How does it work?
Once your club member’s account has been set up you can log in and view discounted prices. You can add to basket and shop in the normal way.

How long does it take to open an account?
This facility is instant. Your application will be checked against the club members list and applied without delay.

How do I apply?
Simply register on this website and select the appropriate club from the drop down box.

My Club is not listed
If you would like to get your club affiliated with us, why not persuade your clubs organiser to get in touch. Simply send an email to [email protected] with full details of the club, including the number of members, date of formation, and a link to the clubs website. Include a contact telephone number. Please note that we cannot support every single club that approach us, but we will give every application our full consideration.

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Noticed this a few months back, just not got round to doing anything with it. Hopefully sometime after RR is done and Castle Combe is booked.
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