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Hi guys, hope all is well during the lockdown and staying safe.

I'm writing to see if there's any help available from anyone on the forum. I recently had a tining chain malfunction on my 2013 2.0 litre cdti lwb panel van. I've had the garage on the phone explaining the engine is completely knackered and isn't repairable. Whilst on the phone hes given me codes in regards to searching out an engine replacement.

M9RC128391, I'm sure he said this is the code of the engine in the van. Having searched the engines through out google I've come across a code he also gave me of M9R 630. I'm not clued up on where I could come across the engine I'm needing and wondered if anyone could potentially help on here and I trust forum goers more than random ebay sellers from previous forums through out the years. If there's any help and advice that can be given then it's much appreciated and thanks in advance.

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