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Hi just need some info with the tow bar electrics , on my 1.9cdti 150 .56 plate

I have a 7 pin socket with the trailer module , I’ve searched online how to add the socket for caravan for the 12v live but gets a bit complicated with different types of sockets 12n 12s etc ,

My question is , is it possible to add the caravan socket to my towbar 7pin socket .
I’ve seen splitters and adapters but not having much luck as I don’t understand .

Any help would be appreciated .
The van is 06 if that helps

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Firstly, Are you wanting to connect a caravan which may have a 12vpin Plug onto your vehicle that only had a 7 pin socket? Or are you wanting to add a 12 pin socket to your car with the extra caravan features? The answers will depend on your reply, but either is fine. Also, depends on whether you use the blue wire for fog lights on your trailer board, needed for trailers with Triangles (wider than a bike rack). You may find it easier to replace the socket on the towbar with a double socket arm and add the 12 pin socket and add the grey 12 core cable to the wiring loom, using the standard colour codes.

Or get a 7 pin plug (12N) cut off the caravan plug and wire it to the 12N plug with the following colours
1 yellow left hand indicator
2 blue fog lights
3 white earth
4 green right hand indicator
5 brown right hand side light
6 red brake lights
7 left hand side light

Since you are in Preston, go to CPC at Fulwood and the plug needed is
"N" Type 7 Pin Trailer Plug - MP21B part number is CP01935
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