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My electric windows in the front are having a bit of trouble going up. I know for a fact it is the rubber/felt runners as when I sprayed them with silicone grease they worked perfectly. I have got the price for the runners on both doors from Vx (drivers £10.81, passengers £13.43) and was just wondering if they are easy to fit/replace. The reason I ask is that the drivers window just falls into the door after tilting up at the front of I use it and the passengers is now starting to stick and come back down (just like the drivers started doing) again.

I know I would have to take the door panel off (obviously) but does the motor and all the gubbins have to come out as well to replace the rubber runners or can you work around them? How difficult a job is it and how long would it take a novice (I say novice because not very mechanically minded with cars but can take things apart and replace them quite easily) to do both doors?

Is it easy or quite a difficult job?
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