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im trying to keep this short so here goes
was looking at a new engine but had to cancel it because i thought my engine was a z17dth and the one i was looking at was dtl,

i thought mine was a dth because the chart on ebay corresponds to the information i thought i had for the carand a few people on here have also explained the same differences in the engine with the 100bhp and the 80 hp dtl(low) dth(high)

on my v5 my car is described as astra sri cdti 100 i thought this was probably the 100 as mentioned above bhp, so i automatically thought it was a dth, and it has no badges so i dont know if it was red or silver di in the cdti

em light came on so i decided to use the opcom instead of the little wifi one i have for my mobile for a more detailed diagnosis and my engine type came up as z17dtl.......

this is copy and paste of the report

OP-COM 100219a - PC based diagnostic tool

OP-COM - CAN Communication Window> 2004 (4)|Astra-H|Engine|Z 17 DTL

Read Info...

Identifier: 0x0704
VIN: W0L0AHL4858********************
Hardware number:81011943
Motor type: Z17DTL
Part Number:55556829
Software version number: P368_I63DT
Hardware manufacturer number: 0281011943
Software Number: 1037372298P368_I63
Programming Date: FFFFFFFF
Hardware key number: ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
System description: BOSCH0100
Type approval number: B04002
Variant programming: 0x00000001
Alpha code: ZH
Hardware manufacturer system name: EDC16
ECU variant coding: 0x000000C5

Total number of fault codes: 3

P1481 - Fan Control 1 Circuit Open
(04) - Present

P1483 - Fan Control 3 Circuit Open
(04) - Present

P0380 - Glow Device
(08) - Present

what i am stuck at now is what is what in my car could it be a dtl engine and a dth ecu or other way round or both dth and opcom is confused im completely stuck, tiried it on the corsa and it came up fine Z12XEP as it should
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