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i need help unlocking my stereo, i have 5 tries left and i know the code now (after paying for it). the last time i put a code in was 8days ago and im still waiting for another chance to put one in, does anyone know when or how i can put another code in so i can get some music again? please help! its really frustrating and boring driving to work!:grrr

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I take it you've left the stereo and ignition switched on while waiting to re-enter the code?

Below - copied from a previous post of mine listing the wait periods:-

To give you some idea of how long you'll have to wait before you can attempt re-entering the code if you do get it wrong:- (and by wait, that means having to leave the key in the ignition, turned to position one, and the stereo switched on as well))

Attempt 1 - wait 10 secs. (Display shows 10SAFE)
Attempt 2 - wait 10 secs. (Display shows 9SAFE)
Attempt 3 - wait 10 mins. (Display shows 8SAFE)
Attempt 4 - wait 20 mins. (Display shows 7SAFE)
Attempt 5 - wait 40 mins. (Display shows 6SAFE)
Attempt 6 - wait 80 mins. (1 hr 20 mins) (Display shows 5SAFE)
Attempt 7 - wait 160 mins. (2 hrs 40 mins) (Display shows 4SAFE)
Attempt 8 - wait 320 mins. (5 hrs 20 mins) (Display shows 3SAFE)
Attempt 9 - wait 640 mins. (10 hrs 40 mins) (Display shows 2SAFE)
Attempt 10 - landfill. (Display shows 1SAFE)

ps, Re Landfill comment. Not really, but you would have to seek expert help to get it unlocked.
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