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Hi all,

Daughters 2001 1.2 Comfort is still plodding on and now way past the 201,000 miles mark. ;-)

The other day I noticed her n/s dipped beam wasn't working so changed the lamp with her.

Yesterday I noticed the o/s dipped beam wasn't working so assuming another lamp gone, swapped it out for another new one but it seems it wasn't that simple this time? ;-(

She quickly found an online picture of the fusebox, fuses and relays and by pulling fuses relays and substitution and testing the 'dead' lamp directly on the battery (and finding it good), concluded it was a wiring / connector fault somewhere. ;-(

I was able to get the DMM on it briefly today and there was 12V on both sides on both dipped beam fuses but nothing on the wiring going to the back of the lamp itself (two pole, I was considering a bad earth) and pulling the multiplug from the lamp and re-fitting it made no difference (I was looking for corrosion etc).

I hope to get a better look at it whilst she's at work tomorrow and wondered if there was a 'known' wiring / connector fault with this model please? Failing finding something easily repairable I may just run another 10A fused relay connection directly off the battery, triggered by the n/s dipped beam feed (messy but should work etc). [1]

Cheers, T i m

[1] I've done similar with the washers where the switched earths seemed to have vanished so just used the feeds (front / rear) to drive a pair of relays to in turn power the washer pump and It seems to have worked ever since. ;-)
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