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Hello to everyone..

I own a Corsa C 1.7 DTI 2001 Isuzu Engine...
I was everywhere and no one cant fix my boost.

The problem is like this :

From 0 rpm to 1.9 or to 2.0 it have completely no boost , above of 2 rpm it will start going as normal.

We have changed MAF sensor, egr and Turbo n75 Vacuums but still no success..

Today we have changed Vacuum into Alternator because servicer said that maybe vacuum isnt enough performing to open Turbo Wastegate ..

When we remove Pipes from Egr its sucking air and having vacuum normally, but when we remove the pipe from n 75 Booster to Turbo waste gate its not sucking vacuum .. only when starting engine its sucking small vacuum and immeditely stops

We have changed ECU because someone has said that ecu is not controlling the N75 vacuum etc ..

Has anyone any idea what to do?
From the second 75 valve to turbo pipe should it always sucks air???

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