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I have a problem with my boot lock. You know how a corsa bootlock has 3 stages, one where you can't push it in, one where you can push it in and it wont open, then one where you can push it in and the boot opens,

Well when i turn the key to the 3rd stage i just get the same as if it was at the second, it pushes in but there is no resistance and the boot won't open :S so i am left accessing my boot through the rear seats which is useless!

Any ideas what i could do to fix it? i have tried opening it from the inside but have had no luck and don't want to break anything incase i open it and it won't lock, as i have a few hindred quid worth of ICE in my boot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want this sorted quickly so i can fit my new sub-box properly.
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