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As I’ve sold the engine and most of the parts this is the final clearance of all the stuff I’ve got floating about.

I want it all gone as now I’m into 205 Gti’s with Mi16 engines and stuff – so this is all useless to me and just in the way.

Prices are all guide prices. Make me an offer on anything (more you buy, the more I’m likely to drop).

Take your time and have a good look through. Probably take a while for all the photos to load too! (sorry – wanted you to see what it was you would be getting).

Prices are cheap as I want it all gone – but make me an offer and we’ll see.

NOTE; Prices are for collection. Almost anything I’ll deliver but P&P will be extra.
I take cash, cheque, or paypal (if you cover fees).

Various aeroquip hose and connectors
Top quality Aeroquip JIC connectors (anodised ali in blue and red), in various sizes and bends etc and various lengths of genuine Aeroquip hose.

These are the -12 hoses and fittings I’ve got:
As an idea of prices:
-12 – straight – x 1 = £5
Hoses vary from £2 upwards so let me know what you want and I’ll give you a price.

These are the -10 hoses and fittings I’ve got:
As an idea of prices:
-10 – 90 Degree = £5
Hoses vary from £2 upwards so let me know what you want and I’ll give you a price.

Here I’ve got (note: bottom connector sold):
-8 – 90 degree (top) - £4
-8 hose - £4

SFS Silicon hoses:

SFS silicon water hoses. 13mm diameter (right for header tank feed etc). Mint condition. 1 meter long. £12

SFS silicon oil resistant hose (flura-lined). For cam cover breathers, oil system breathers etc.
2 lengths of these each about 60cm. One slightly used. One brand new. £17 the pair. (see photo)

SFS silicon water hoses. 1 90 degree. 1 reducer. Can measure if your interested. £4

SFS silicon hose 13mm diameter right angle hoses and joiner. Excellent condition. £5

Solid lifter shims. 16nr. If you’re going to run solid cam profiles you’ll need this. Used for a few thousand miles. Obviously ground to various sizes. £12

Cambelt back plate – early type - £9
Chemically stripped then sprayed black.

Small starter motor - £12
All working absolutely fine.

Front subframe – Powder coated satin black.
Good condition. Smartens the engine bay and easy to clean.

Front subframe bolts – brand new genuine ones. 4 of them. Bargain at £10

20XE/C20XE etc black plastic rear water pipe. Great condition. £5

ABS unit (modulator) – 26pin type (later type 4 cylinders and V6’s etc – ones with electronic speedo output).
Works for astras, cavs, calibras etc.

Astra Mk2 GTE steering damper. (fits on the standard steering rack). - £7

Wix 1/2inch BSP oil filters. Brand new. 2nr. £5 for both (NOTE: these are ford escort type fitting – or for a dry sump remote filter – won’t fit standard Vaux take-off)

Alcantra handbrake and gear gaiters – blue – Excellent quality. Very small hole in gear gaiter (almost un-noticeable) - £5

Also mobile phone holder for a cav (you can put any mount of the bracket) £3:

VR gearknob for any Vauxhall. £3

Space saver spare wheel

This is 4 stud and looks never to have been used. In very good condition with the colour bands still on the tyre tread!
Ideal for those looking for an original car, or simply a small light spare!

Grill – Diamond Black. Facelift type. Very good condition. - £10

Heater control panel. Complete with cables, bulb etc. Very good condition. £10

Lights control panel. Complete with bulbs etc. Very good condition. £7

Twin tone horns with mounting brackets. Fully working. - £8

Locking wheel bolts, and full set of wheel bolts for ali wheels (ie full set to hold on all wheels). Good quality. With removal key. £10.

Windscreen wiper motor. All works perfectly. £8

I have a few boxes of interior bits. Here is a selection. Let me know if you are looking for anything else and I’ll see if I’ve got it.
Re-circ, aircon, fogs, etc. Switches are £2 each (note: TC button and housing sold).

Very small selection of other various interior bits N bobs I’ve got kicking about.
Take a look. Prices from £2.

Some audio stuff:

Philips passive cross overs - £5 the pair

Finally, some literature:
Cavalier / mk2 astra manuals:

These are £4 each:
MkII Astra:

Mk3 Cavalier:

Also got these:
2 Mk3 Cavalier owners manuals.
One excellent condition.
One some oil has got too.

£4 gets them both.
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