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ive just got a price off a local mechanic for fitting my n/s rocker gasket and new cover...............50 quid!!!!!!
i couldnt believe it when he said that price. i asked him if he wanted to see the car and how much of a job it is to do, showed him the car and its still 50 quid. he said i could stay and watch him do it on saturday if i wanted to. going to watch and make sure all the breathers are cleaned out.
checked at a scrap yard also today to see about where the hbv is located because one has all the top of the engine off and it makes it so easier to see. i got a second hand one and the valve works when i suck on the vacum tube so im guessing the one on the car has seized up because i can see all the vacum pipes are on, so i think.
i could see where the few breather pipes on the back of the plenum go to aswell so i can take them off to clean them out, (know now rb cheers).
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