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Is that near Hurley, Warwicks?? Even the local women shave every day.
Shouldn't be electrical interference, they only have oil lamps round there.

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What does the latest update do?
1. Can now zoom into 60yards on the map scale
2. When low fuel it tries to find nearest petrol garage.
3. (Not so much a new feature) - spelling mistake corrected when Navi is active (Was 'Menue', now 'Menu'!)
4. When showing the map you had to select a different view if u wanted to see the junctions closer up. With the new one when approaching a turn off you need it automatically shows the direction until the turn made and then goes back to the map view
5. display of the title of MP3 tracks is longer
6. option of Aux In on the Volume Settings now
7. Motorway Navigation prompts have changed. The junction number is now given when advising to take an exit from a motorway

Where can it be purchased?
From Vauxhall, for something like a tenner, or ebay for more if you feel like being ripped off.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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