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gents as some of you may know i have bought a cavalier turbo rolling shell.
i have been sourcing spares from members on ctor and the response has been astounding..
i am listing the spares i am still looking for here so please do let me know if you have anything kicking around to help me out.

inlet and exhaust valves plus collets.
i need 2 hydraulic lifters..
Square tooth pulleys
piston rings top and bottom 86mm
water pipes
F28 gear linkage
Lambda sensor loom doesnt matter if lambda is working.
amal valve plus pipework

internal :-

calibra turbo white dials with red needles electronic version
floor mats

external :-

boot badges
standard wing indicators
might need a passenger wing in spectral blue and maybe a passenger front door as there has been some previous damage and i'm not sure if pattern parts were fitted or not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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