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hi i hope you can help me
i have a 1994 cavalier ls 1.6 spi last week the car was ticking over at around 1200 revs and enginge mangement light would come on if sat in traffic otherwise it would not come on last saturday i cleaned out the throttle body ...and the car returned to normal
so i thought it was all back to normal ....i was wrong on sunday i called up to my parents house after belting up our local bypass
the car was running nice when i went to leave i started the car car up it ticked over as normal for about 30 seconds then died and has not restarted since .

we have changed the fuel pump relay and its still not working there is no supply to the fuel pump but if we bridge the feed to the pump from relay socket we get the 12volts ....but there is no petrol getting up the pipe icant here the pump but i never have heard it
now is there something else that would cause the car not to start and no fuel to pump

i know it might be long winded but i realy do need some seirous help

oh and my tempurature gauge is not working could this be related .....oh i did notice that my vacum pipe small black one with brown clips that goes to air filter box had snapped off ...but i dont think thats relevent and there are no fault codes

help please
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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