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I will put some pictures up as soon as possible

Car is as it says 1.6ls in white,ats done around 90k and has been the best car i have owned (since 2002),its never let me down untill last summer,it has as far as I know a problem with the valve stem steals?,it smokes on start up in the morning and puffs a bit whilst had no problem passing the M.O.T last year.

Im putting about a litre of oil in it a month.

Car underneath is in good condition,solid,has its very first ever welding done since new on the rear o/s spring seat,,was a little rotten.

bodywork wise is,ok,needs a clean its got rust in a few places,,rear arch,front arch,bits not loads,its not a rot box.

interior is ok,ive took and alarm of it which has left a little whole where the LED went,but its in a small square switch blank so can be replaced if you wanted.

driver seat a little worn,electric wondows work,outside temp sensor,clock works,,central locking,,sometimes plays up but works,boot doesnt.sunroof fine,alloys are scuffed but they are 15 years old..

anyway i dont want to make the car sound bad cause it isnt,im sad to be getting rid of it,,but i cant fix the engine,im good for servicing monor jobs only,and dont have access to a garage.

M.O.T till 14th october 2011
Tax till 31st 5 2011 so 3 months

it had a new battery 12 months ago bosh.
new front discs and pads 2000 miles ago
tyres are good,one not so old,,new fronts was put on 2009 m.o.t still have plenty of life
new back box last m.o.t
sericed last year,had new fuel filter and the usual
ABS is fine
New lambda sensor last year

Its a cheap car for someone and its runner,apart from engine fault already described
viewing welcome

near junction 17 whitefiled of M62

£130-relects the fault,,and will get me years tax on my new run around.

Thank and ill add pics tomorrow

pic of it last year in the summer cleaned up
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