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I have a set if indiglo dials for a Cavalier or Calibra Turbo or V6 for sale.

Included is:

2 speedo faces (used 0-160mph for mechanical clocks and unused 10-160mph for electrical)
2 unused 7k rev counter faces (I think 1 of them may be from a different set and may be a different colour illuminated)
1 unused transformer and colour/brightness control switch
1 set of Cavalier Turbo clocks (no speedo or fascia) with 8k rev counter and fuel/temp gauges, casing modified to allow the ribbon cable to exit without being trapped
1 Cavalier Turbo red speedo needle (black centre cover is missing)
Fitting instructions for the dial kit

The remains of the Turbo clocks and the 0-160mph speedo face have been removed from my Cavalier GSi Turbo and were in perfect working order upon removal. I don't have any photos of them illuminated unfortunately. This is one of the kits that Lee May from Mig had made, not the inferior plazma dials etc kit. Only selling because I have used the Cavalier as an engine donor for my Astra GSi and am keeping the standard black closkc in that.

£60 including delivery

Payment by Paypal or postal order only please.

All enquiries by pm or email to [email protected] please.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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