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We need to apply early this year to get a decent stand AND take advantage of some amazing deals!


This year’s Action Days will follow their usual successful format. Tweaked here and there, but fundamentally continuing the same excellent value for money.

Where else can you drive on a circuit for just £30.00, plus admission prices?
Where else offers Owners Clubs free admission passes and display space?
Where else offers non-stop track action for the enthusiast?
Our Action Days cover just about every type of vehicle and enable enthusiasts to mix with like-minded owners as well as taking to the track.

For track users, the day is divided into time zones, so friends can get together to book a particular time, or Club’s, provided they can muster 28 cars, can book an exclusive session.

We keep a close watch on driving standards, issuing yellow and red cards to prevent the worst offenders getting back on the track.
There are lots of conditions to comply with. You must attend a briefing, your car will be sound-checked and unless going out in special sessions, should basically be road legal.

Sound Check
On all our Action Days, the sound limit is 100 dB(A) - measured at the exhaust pipe at 4500rpm on a static test. Your car may be completely road legal, but if it doesn’t meet our check - then sorry, it can’t go out.

Passengers can purchase a Passenger Pass, valid all day, which includes
Personal Accident Insurance. (was £5 last year)

Responsible Driving

The days are for enthusiasts to drive their road-registered cars (unless going
out in specific sessions). The days are not test sessions for competitors or for drivers to show off their drifting skills or to drive in an aggressive and dangerous manner. If you don’t want to comply with the rules, then please don’t come. It’s as simple as that.

Prices are as follows:
First 22 people get in free... No, REALLY! FREE! 22 people!

Track time
We can get 6 passes for £125 - for use between 9am -11am and after 4pm. That's £20.83 each!
Additional passes are £25 and can be used at any time during the day (limit of 15 of these).
Any more that are needed or bought during the day, £30 a session.

Pay for your Track Time now (Please pay for club membership before you do this!)

This is a Club show and therefore requires Club Membership @ £15 a year.
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