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What a job I have had to get the rad out! But tonight I was triumphant at last, my fingers are bloody sore due to lack of room to work but the rad and oil cooler fan are now lying in the garage.

The fan shroud locating lug had seized into the bottom of the rad and eventually sheared off, there are two smaller hoses attached to the front of the rad at either side with those useless vauxhall clips you have to squeeze together and can never get at, the front oil cooler pipe into the block has to be disconnected and pisses oil all over the belts, and the battery has to come out to be able to wriggle the rad out! And then I find that the oiler cooler is swinging around as the bolts have sheared on one side (probably shorted out the fan)!

So some more advice please:

1. I reckon I can secure the oil cooler with zip ties, or should I strip it all out.
2. Should I change all the hoses as a matter of course.
3. How easy is it to remove the front bumper for better access putting it all back together.

Now for a beer as my reward!
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