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Hi i have a vauxhall calibra. Its really getting to me now. I have no ignition spark. Changed the ecu to eliminate ignition amplifier problem. Have renewed the crank angle sensor. Now if i manually earth pin 49 from the ecu the engine will spark when cranking. I have checked the wiring and all is good.
The only thing different is that the engine is out of an astra belmont. The loom is the original calibra one and has a calibra ecu and all the sensors and pins match up. The engine is the c20ne engine. I did not do the engine conversion. There is a toad alarm and immobiliser but i cant imagine that effecting the signal feed from the crank sensor. I have checked the coil and that is also ok.
Any ideas guys im new to the site and any help would be much appreciated.
Another thing i checked the output from the crank angle sensor using an ocilliscope and get an output signal from it

Cheers guys sorry for the essay

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