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Hello helpful people!
Problem: Tailgate lock replacement Corsa C:
Do to a snapped key in ignition (impossible to remove) I purchased a secondhand lock set which included ignition barrel, drivers door lock and boot lock (matching key set). Whilst I've replaced the ignition barrel and door lock which work fine re central locking and ignition the boot lock is yet to be replaced but is stuck in the 'locked position' ( it does not unlock with the central locking)..but I need to install the substitute lock mechanism.
So my question is how can I access the boot lock to change it, is the best solution to drill the push lock out (will that release the lock) to gain access? as it appears not to be accessible from the inside of the car/boot area to expose the lock/or unlock from inside.
Thanks and appreciate in anticipation for the best solution from anyone and their time taken to respond.
****Still looking for a solution to this problem if anyone has some advice.
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