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Billing this year started early for us. At exactly 08:58 @NathanB95 arrived at Hannahs for the drive down, beer sorted we set off for the drive down. A straight drive down and a quick stop at woodall services later we arrived at about 1.30. Tent pitched quickly I tried to blow the airbed up with a foot pump. After bursting the air bed it was off to halfords for another one...and a electric pump. After my little tantrum that was.
The club gazebo was erected while hannah just sat and watched drinking the famous lambrini cider. Its was beer time after this along with a few burgers from Alex.
@LukeLieng95 turned up around 10.30 with a tent with no poles. So a hand was given to build the small one. His car then had a beer bath and was lovely and sticky in the morning. A lateish night was had.
The next morning was greeted by bright sunshine and bacon sandwiches. The cars were given a quick clean and polish then it was off for a look around. For corsa b bits mainly, but noone had what i wanted!!
Having gave up looking for car parts we turned our attention to the photo challenge. We did quite well finding all but 2 of the photos. Dinnertime saw a quick meal over the campsite bar then it was back to the stand for a sit down. Looking at cars in 25 degree heat isnt half tiring.
It was over to the funfair and the pub on the evening, quick game on the grabber machine gave us a minion. It was then onto the dogems which was great fun. A few drinks in the pub lead to an early ish night.
Sickness set in during the night along with the rain. Turns out it was food poisoning as @NathanB95 had it aswell both of us having some dodgy kebab. Sunday morning saw a dull start and a damp one at that. Had no breakfast due to still feeling a bit sick, a can of pop done the job. Tent was down while it was dry then it was off for another look around.
I did find something this time... A full set of mudflaps for the corsa, one of the things i was looking for!!
Back to the stand to get lukes car ready for the chairmans cup with a quick wash and dry. The rain came down during the voting which put most people off. We left shortly after

Overall a great weekend again guys looking forward to next year already. Thanks again.

Also a massive thank you to Lukes dad for cooking us all food on saturday :) it was lovely.

Just a few photos of the weekend, some from the photo challenge

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