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My billing weekend started the thursday before, getting my car cleaned ready. Friday came round and i realise birds had used it as target practice, what a mess. @NathanB95 arrived ar mine around 10.45 then it was off to pick Hannah/Elenor up.
Billing here we come. It was a pretty normal drive down until we hit the A45, 5 miles from billing and got stuck in traffic. An hour and a half later and we arrived with a slightly warm astra.
Beer was out before the tent and the tent went up reasonably quick. Friday night mainly consisted of beer,bbq, hiding daniels drink, daniel passing out and an earlyish night. Saturday morning came around and so did the mist, luckily it burnt off early in the morning and brought about bacon sandwitches courtesy of Alex. The car was given a quick polish then it was off for a shower.
After a clold shower we had a quick wonder round the autojumble, which we noticed mainly seemed to sell overpriced rusty sh1t. We also looked in the Vauxhall tent where Hannah seemed to enjoy sitting in the cars.
Dinnertime and Nathan decided he wanted to cook his own bbq, after spending half an hour trying to light his bbq I sacked Nathan from bbq duties and done it myself, it seemed to go well although my burger was medium rare. Me Hannah and Daniel decided to go to tescos for swimming clothes and went swimming. Although I think £5 each to go swimming is a bit steep. We came back to see wheelie bin dealers taking shape.
We tried the indians for tea which was quite nice, then it was time for beer.
A few beers later a few of us decided to go over the fun fair. After a group ride on the dogems and the sh1t rollercoaster it was off to the pub.
Many beers later we ended up listening to old reviews of billing which had a warning... And Hannah explaining to Alex, Matt and Phil what a s**t drop was. After many more beers it was off to bed.
The rain came down during the night so we woke up to a tent full of water. More bacon sandwitches and a cold shower later the tent was down so we had a good look round the cars. Some nice motors there. After voting for Matts monaro in the chairmans cup it was home time. Arriving back in the north for around 6 ish.

Cheers for a good weekend guys and girls. Will be deffo attending next year.

Things I have learned
1. Dont get changed in a tent with the light on
2. Billing is much better than PVS
3. Autojumbles are not all theyre made out to be.

Oh and Hannahs Citroen C1 now has a VXON sticker on :)

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But you still never explained who slut dropped who!

Glad we didn't put you off, least you know next time where to get your BBQ from!

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Great meeting you mate, cracking write up and glad you all had a good time!

Roll on next year!

Was the waterslide any good?
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