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With 125.000km I decided to change AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION oil... again. First change was on 80.000km. Opel(Vauxhall) state that it is "fill for life" (it is also stated for rear differential, Haldex coupling, transferbox, power steering itc.- so you dont need to change anything :roll:)
IMPORTANT! This is for AF40

First you need oil, GM 1940773 or 93165147 3 litres (4 to be safe). Only 3L from 7L is pour out, so I chose to go with original(again) because of mixing with 4L of old oil that stay in AT.

It is ATF oil with spec AW-1

There is planty aftermarket:
FEBI 29934
KROON SP matic 4026
MOTUL multi ATF (spec. GM1940773) or ATF VI (spec. AW-1)

So lets start. First raise the car to be leveled.
Locate drain/check and fill plug.

IMPORTANT! First try to loose fill plug! It is torx 55.
Unscrew check plug (It is torx 40) and catch oil, some oil should come out, if AT is hot evan a 1L,
then loose and unscrew drain plug( ALEN 12mm key) and catch oil.

Let oil drain, and take time to clean both plugs. Little chack has rubber o-ring seal that shoul be replaced GM 9318357.Big drain plug has aluminium seal washer and can/should be replaced GM 93183578.
First change I reuse mine, now I replace it just in case...
Check drained oil (and measure ammount that come out, total ammount should be 2,5-3L)
NEVER spill old oil in sewer. Collect it for recycling or give it at drop off point for used oil!

Put drain plug back and tighten it(50Nm).
Pour 1.5L new oil, start engine, with brake pressed go through P to D, 2sec in each position. Do this 2 times(P-R-N-D-N-R-P-R-N-D-N-R-P). Leave in P and leave engine running.
Pour new oil until it start dripping through check plug hole. Put check plug back and tighten it(8Nm).
If it is warm(30-45C deg..) that should be enough, if it is hot (70-80C deg.) add 0.4L of new oil.
Ammount that you pour in shoul be same as it comes out(on same temperature!).

Complete procedure:
Checking at a fluid temperature between 30°C - 45°C
1. Lower the car to the floor.
2. Connect Tech2. Run the engine until the temperature is 30° - 45°C according to Menu "Read values" TCM. Move the gear selector from position P to D and then from D to P. Let the gear rest for longer than 2 seconds in each gear position (N and R) while depressing the foot brake. Repeat this procedure twice.
3. Leave the engine running and raise the car. Place a receptacle under the gearbox and remove the dipstick tube's plug.
4. The fluid level is correct when the fluid stops flowing from the fluid level hole. Do not include the fluid in the dipstick tube.
5. If the fluid level is under or level with the dipstick tube then no fluid will run out apart from that in the dipstick tube and then the fluid must be topped up. Fit the plug.
Tightening torque, level plug 8 Nm (7 lbf ft)

Topping up
1. Lower the car and turn off the engine. Remove the filler plug and fill with about 0.5 litres of transmission fluid. Refer to Weight, torque, fluid capacity and grade of fluid.
2. Start the engine. Move the selector lever from P to D and then from D to P while applying the foot brake. Allow the selector lever to remain in each gear position (N and R) for at least 2 seconds. Repeat this procedure twice.
3. Raise the car and check the fluid level once more. Top up if necessary. Fit the plug when no more fluid comes out. Tightening torque, level plug 8 Nm (7 lbf ft)
4. Diesel: Fit the lower engine cover.
5. Lower the car. Switch off the engine and fit the filler plug.
Tightening torque, filler plug 30 Nm (22 lbf ft)
6. Disconnect Tech2 and the exhaust extractors.

Checks and level adjustment at fluid temperatures 70°- 80°
1. Check and fill as described above, then top up with a further 0.4 L
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