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So here I am an aussie in Croatia with a 96 1.6ltr 16v opel astra with problems.
Car just came back from mechanic after being there 5 weeks.
I just wanted the reverse lights fixed and something done about idle surging and stalling. Pay the guy .
Get the car back and stalling and idle surging still happening and reverse light still not working, and get this, a nice scratch and dent on my bonnet.
Perhaps that's what I payed for because he didn't do anyting else for sure !
I've discovered that probably I need to clean or replace my ICA valve and or ERG. I got this info from various sources. Is that about right ?

I figure the reverse switch is faulty but need to know where it's located.
I'm figuring on the transmission somewhere. Any more accurate discription would be helpful. Do I have to get right under the car to access it ?

Thanks in advance.

Ps. dealing with mechanics here is a pain in the But, mostly because of the language difference, but also they seem to think all foriegners are stupid and rich.
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