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I have a MK3 Astra 1.8i 16v Sport that I am currently trying to sell.

It has 155,000 miles on it, but has bee regularly serviced, new exhaust, tyres etc..

I've been driving it for the week whilst my new car is in the garage with an EGR problem.

I've noticed that it starts fine, drives fine at motorway speed, but when slowing down for traffic lights after a few minutes of driving, it sounds a bit rough and just cuts out. It starts again, but requires lots of revs to keep it going at lower speeds.

The car has recently had a full service and has tended to do this kind of thing for a year or so hence why I bought a new car.

The car has plenty of oil in it, and the coolant level is fine, the temp gauge never goes above normal.

I'm guessing it could either be water in the tank or sand or grit in the fuel blocking the injectors?

would it be worth using some sort of fuel treatment or would that aggrevate things?
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