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Hello everyone .Some time ago, we were tapping into GID options with OPCOM. Match as alternatives and white to more than half the tank full, the display showed 200 km remaining. I thought it was a kidney thing and after completing the car upstairs and you would be fine, to fill up to the above, I stayed 700 kilometers and here. Now I drive 180 km and it says I have 430 falls pretty fast. Suggest as long as half the reservation you will already see 0.

My Astra H is 2004 year and the code index from lists are 002 or 007 .

Software Freeze is exactly 20.04.2004. Now we put in the 002 and it looks like Range Fuel is fine, but now the current consumption is very small for my car. before 140km / h it showed me 10 instant and now 7: D 2.0 turbo petrol. We'll try to put 007 to see if it makes a difference. However, the task is asking if the software is frozen on 20.04.2009, the column before that date to look at or after: D

We changed it from 002 to 007. With 007 it looks better. However, we removed the battery and touched the two terminals in each other for 1 minute to flush the computer, because OPCOM could not read the car. Could there have been any adaptations and now it burns a little less for no reason? Or what could be the problem that the current cost is currently much smaller than before?
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