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I bought my Astra H off a family member about 4-5 years ago, and since day 1 the EML has been on. Apparently the car has had a new ECU, various sensors changed at main dealer and it just keeps coming back.

Historically, apart from a failed coil pack, the car for me has been faultless. I have barely maintained it and its never skipped a beat. The only intermitent thing I noticed was a stuttering idle at random times. Doesnt affect the car or drive.

So, I finally got myself a Tech2 for my van, and decided to plug in my car.

Started off by wiping all codes, turn off and back on, and took new codes:


On the first drive the EML was off, but the service light was on. Next start, service light off, EML back on,

The only reason I am looking into this now is I am thinking of upgrading up a 7 seater and I dont want a rogue EML to slash the reasale value.

Where would you start with the above codes?

Thank you
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