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Hi Guys

I bought this 2009 Astra 1.6l (64k miles) last summer from a local dealer. Test drove it, felt good (also with the power) but there was this "clicking" noise from the engine. It was there when idling, went away some times, came back, pretty random. See video here:
I pointed it out and they told me they'd get it sorted out. When I picked it up, the dealer told me it was a timing belt pulley bearing making the noise and they changed it including a new timing belt. With my documents I got an invoice from garage A stating "replaced timing belt kit and water pump".

I drove home and the next week I felt like my Astra had less power in the low revs (below 3k) than when test driving and I thought fuel consumption was rather high (although I don't have much reference there). Also I occasionally smelt petrol but not sure if it's coming from the engine bay or exhaust. The clicking noise was gone though.
I didn't bother too much for a while but after the engine electronics fault light (car with spanner) went on again (went on and off occasionally) I took it to garage B for diagnostics. They read out the following fault codes:
  • P0110 Intake Air Temparature Sensor Circuit High Input
  • P0597 Coolant Thermostat Valve Malfunction
  • P0011 Intake Camshaft Phasing Mechanics Range/Performance (Bank 1)
The last one obviously made me think garage A messed up the camshaft timing when installing the new belt kit. It was the only plausible thing to me since it would explain less power, more fuel consumption and petrol smell. They cleared the fault codes to see if they came back and the light went on again indeed and when I checked with the brake/throttle method, I had P0597 and P0011 on the dash again.

Took it back to garage A today and explained my situation. They were happy to check and agreed they would fix it free of charge if it was their fault.
Picked it up and they tell me they ran diagnostics, didn't find any faults and the timing was perfect. They think it is something else and I should take it to a Vauxhall dealer.
When I parked outside my house I noticed the clicking noise was back when idling. See video here (although it is not that audible on the video):

Does anybody have an idea what could be the issue with my Astra? Do you think garage A is winding me up or am I just overly worried?
Thanks a lot for your time and help!

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Hello mate
I could be wrong but I thought the car with a spanner through it was a service light.
I'm not a mechanic but that sounds like noisy tappets to me. Try putting a long screw driver on top of engine and put your ear to the other end. If it is to do with tappets it will be loud in your ear
I usually use a piece of wood baton to find where the noise is actually coming from
Hope that helps in some way
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