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I own an Astra 2003 1.8xe and here’s my take on my recent cooling problem. The fan has three speeds, slow for the air con when stationary, medium as the temp reaches 88 then full chat if the temp passes 92 degrees.

My radiator fan always runs at full chat, it pulses when stationary with air con on then runs as temp goes passed 91.

Research on the forums helped me to solve my problem the cooling fan wasn’t working on slow and medium speed.

I removed the fan and support assembly, two torx bolts and cut the tie wraps holding the wiring harness on the bottom of the support structure, then I disconnected the cooling fan motor plug. I also had to remove the air box, battery and battery tray. The Haynes manual said I had to remove the upper and lower radiator hoses but I found with care I was able to remove the Fan and support assembly.

With the fan and support assembly out I unscrewed the torx screw securing the fan motor plug assembly to the fan support structure. This revealed the cooling fan resistor pack. Basically two wire coiled resistors one for slow speed one for medium and in the middle a diode which was direct power that runs the fan at full speed.

Upon investigation I found both coil type wire resistors had broken hence no slow speed with air con on and no medium speed at about 88 degrees.
I tried to solder them but the solder wouldn’t take despite cleaning up the metal. In the end I took a spade connector cut the spade off and put both ends of the broken coil in the remaining crimp barrel I then crimped them together.
Hey presto the fan now works on all three speeds

Some other snippets of information to assist, many threads mention a cooling fan module. Mine didn’t have one, all of the information is processed in the main ECU. Save some time no need to remove the bumper to see if you have one put your hand up the left hand inside bumper the module sits just below the screen wash reservoir if you have one you will feel it and the two plugs.

The radiator fan three speeds run via three relays these produce the fault codes P1481 P1482 and P1483. These are located in the relay box to the right of the battery. From the front of the car looking aft you have one black relay which is fan full on speed P1481 then two white relays slow and medium speed P1482 and P1483.
The power supply to the fan also runs through a fuse which is located in the engine bay fuse box, it is the first large fuse 40amp.

To add the spanner light came on my fiancées 1.6se 2004 Astra 2004. The opcom faulted code P1482 fan relay 2 no signal or open circuit. When power was applied to the relay circuit the fan ran, doing wiring checks the latching circuit of the relay had no earth, unfortunately the earth signal went through the engine ECU which was at fault. We had to get the ECU repaired to cure the problem.

Hope this helps, the forums have saved me money and time I just want to return the favour.



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