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i have a 20001 astra 1.4 16v ecotec , when topping up the oil there was too much pressure under the oil filler cap when i removed it , i suspected a blocked breather and so removed the cam cover to find a badly blocked breather ( the big one at the right hand side of the engine ) i have cleaned what i can from the rocker cover and have left it to soak and will try and blow any remaining crud through with the airline , the short rubber right angled hose is now clean but i am left with the chocked metal pipe that runs down the right side of the engine , i don't want to try and clean this from the top end incase i just push lots of muck back down it
does anyone know where the other end of this pipe goes as i can't see where it goes ?
i take it it goes down to the bottom of the block or to the sump ?
is the bottom end removeable? if it's not will i just have to remove what i can and repeat the process over the next few months until all the gunk has worked it's way up ( i'll be changing the oil several times too

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