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Hi Guys.
Problem with my daughters 2009 Astra H 1.9 CDTI Design
Basically, she was driving and the car died. Then wouldn't restart.
Towed it back home.
It cranks perfectly and will fire on easy start.
On inspection, we have found..
found no fuel to the high pressure fuel pump.
We have fuel coming to the fuel filter (was changed at last service a few months ago)
It the goes to the HPP but nothing from the HPP,
One thing I did notice is that when the ignition is turned on we don't get a buzz from the in tank pump, we do however get fuel through when it is cranking so assuming the in tank pump is working.

Did a code read on op com and the following came up.
U2103-4 Unknown DTC
U2103-6 Can bus circuit malfunction
P3080-08 Glow device general error
P0001 - 75 Rail pressure - low pressure
P0001- 5B Rail pressure - Low pressure
U2100-00 - No communication with CAN bus (high speed)
C1523-03 System Voltage - Low voltage
U2145-00 CAN - Bus No communication with PAS (Park pilot)
So we cleared all fault codes in case any were historic.
Cranked the engine and we had the following codes.
P3080-08 Glow device general error
P0001 - 75 Rail pressure - low pressure
P0001- 5B Rail pressure - Low pressure.
As we had no pressure from the pump we tried a used pump from a Vauxhall specialist breaker and had the same issue.
The breaker then advised to check the following.
Tap the connector on the end of the fuel rail while cranking
No effect.
Strip the fuse box down and visually check for corrosion or damage.
All appears good
Remove ecu from front wheel arch and check for corrosion / damage.
All appears good.I have visually checked all wires / connectors to ensure they are all connected and undamaged but can't see anything obvious.
Apart from changing the in tank pump I am stumped.
I have found that several people have had this issue but can't seem to find an answer, they have either given up or fixed and forgotten to post the answer 馃槉
I'm really hoping someone can point us in the right direction as she can't afford a huge repair bill.
I would like to thank everyone in advance for their help.

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Would someone please be able to confirm that when the ignition is turned on does the in tank pump prime or is it only active when the engine is cranking?
Many thanks

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Right. Little more info.
We have pulled the rear seat up, removed the round plastic cover to reveal the top of the fuel pump.
It's definitely priming.
On turning the ignition on it runs for around 30 seconds or so but is not the usual faint buzz, it sounds like a stomach that hasn't eaten for a week.... Gurgling and bubbling
Could this be causing an issue?
Many thanks guys 馃槉

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I think you need to remove the pump and check it. Make sure the pipe hasn't come off, and the gauze in the bottom isn't blocked with "diesel bug" slime (google it)!
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Yes, it should prime and make a minimum of 4 bar, it sounds like yours has either failed or something has come adrift inside the pump or the gauze filters blocked as Alan states above.

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Fab! Thanks guys. Managed to get the top off, just need to find 4 some things to release the unit from the tank. Will post results asap 馃槉

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OK so on removal of the low pressure fuel pump all looked good, I did however notice the tank looked rather empty considering the gauge read just over 1/4 of a tank.
So just to be sure added a gallon on fuel, cranked a few times and the thing started.
So quite simply the car had run out of fuel despite the gauge reading over 1/4 of a tank.
Looks like we just have a faulty gauge it sender unit after all that.
Thanks to everyone for their input.
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