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Car starts fine, drive 5 mins, stop for 5 mins. Try to restart it, and it runs like a 2 humped camel. Foot to the floor to try to start it but doesn't seem like any fuel getting through, and then very lumpy running afterwards. Also, after being parked at work all day, start it up, drive for 5 mins, get to a junction and it either hesitates and you have to floor it to get any power to keep it running, or it starts to run like the aforementioned camel. Last night it stalled without warning across a junction - not very happy about that!
On a long run I have absolutely no problems with it, did 25 miles each way, through lots of junctions with no problem at all. Carb has been cleaned out, new air filter. Full tank Shell fuel (only the best!) with Reddex, twice now, but to no avail.
Could it be inline fuel filter blocked? crap in tank perhaps getting through to engine? I really could do with some advice. No warning lights on dash either (engine management light lights up at start up so is working).
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