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Hi all...

I'd like to know if there are any good Vauxhall specialists in or around Newcastle on Tyne as after reading a lot of related posts on here, I'm pretty sure the oil cooler on my 2003 2.6 V6 Omega has gone & being totally ham-fisted don't fancy trying a repair myself !

luckily I noticed the temp was slowly rising and made it the 2 miles home without it getting too hot.... once there I popped the bonnet and saw a light brown sludge oozing out of the expansion tank...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...


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Try Prestige (in Birtly, I think).
I know they're the dog's danglies with Carlton and Senators.........

Do a google, cos they used to have a website.

who,s that pete ???
think i,ve spoke to him before , wasnt that impressed tbh !!

good for parts so i,ve heard , mainly senny bits ?
apprently he thinks carltons are comon LOL

i can recommend someone in darlington ,
but he aint that cheap , and you,ll have to book it in , just dont turn up !

bu hes ex , vauxhall trained and know the time of day !!

pm me for more info !!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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