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Well I might as well write up the event from my standpoint whilst I wait for my super-fast 2 meg broadband to upload the pictures to Photobucket!! (You might get to see them tomorrow!!)

So, I started off on Friday morning by clearing out all the nonsense that seems to accumulate inside Marvin, and fitting in some exciting toys, like the generator, and then making sure there was plenty of room for beer, and added some tunes by fitting my stereo in...

Set off from home at about 12.15 and decided that 3/4 of a tank of fuel in Marvin was not enough as the fuel pump was not enjoying skipping every few beats, especially with all the weight in the back

Knowing there are some roadworks on the M25 AND the M1, I decided to plot myself a route avoiding all of this. Route fail! The M25 anti-clockwise also had traffic, as did the A6 through Luton and Bedford. Eventually rocked up at about 4.15pm! Still, opened a drink and took off my shirt to join in with everyone else in the topless VxON stand crew...

Whilst trying to help Matt pitch a tent, it was pointed out that the bbq hadn't been assembled or lit at this stage, so I decided that it would be an appropriate time to get assembling and cooking, and promptly burnt my finger on the super hot grill I'd just cleaned... mainly because I cleaned it with fire.

Anyway, more people started arriving, the food started cooking, my beer was still warm from its epic 4 hour car journey and so I kept cooking. At some point I did notice that Matt_b_uk put up his massive Action Man tent which, at only about 4 foot long, wasn't entirely suited to the 6'4" Matt, and it certainly wasn't tall enough for his mega erect nipples.. more on that later! Somehow Mark also dropped his onions and blamed me for burning his hand a bit... but he still ate them so I'm sure he was OK really!

A trip to the bar in search of colder beer and the promised entertainment from the entertainment pass proved interesting in terms of what people in Northampton actually constitute as "Entertainment".. 2 guys playing guitar and singing over a backing track apparently is enough. Still, we had a bit of a chat about life the universe and everything (everything clunge related that is) and headed back after we were kicked out at about half 12, deciding that really what we wanted was some more food and a chat. Why everyone else objected to this, I will never know..

Anyway, early the next morning, the tent was baking hot and I was hungry, as was everyone else. Had the perfect cure for hunger... Food! Bacon was fried, sandwiches were made, hands were burnt on the scorching hot oil. Everyone was happy, if a little worse for wear until the porky goodness kicked in.

This prompted me to realise that Marvin was looking a bit "naked" and needed tarting up, fortunately I had some expertly made stickers to hand thanks to Derkins, and so we had a great game of "how many people does it take to apply the stickers to Marvin?" and the answer was about 8... but now the car looks great!

So a few of us decided we fancied a wander around to look at the cars on display, and there was also an autojumble so I managed to find some excellent bits, namely a bendy stick with a grabby end, and an extendable clunge hunter... a mirror on a stick.

The heat by this time was quite unbearable so we headed back to camp for lunch and whilst I was waiting for the bbq to heat up, I decided to test out my clunge hunter, and it works, and Becki will never know...

Another wander around, this time some of the club stands, saw some great displays and a few interesting cars... DeLorean for one, Dukes of Hazzard display on the VX 490 OC stand, Senator 4000 too.. all good!

Post wander, Frank the Tank Engine arrived and had a good old chinwag with Matt and Jo about banger related goodness.

Rob, Matt and I decided to go and try out the new pool facilities, but then realised that we got there about half an hour late to play on the slide, so instead, we had to make do with sampling the bar!

By then, it was dinner time. Various burgers, sausages and "other meats" were cooked at which point it was decided that again, cold beer was needed and more "Entertainment" which, on Saturday evening, consisted of a Queen Tribute Band lacking in 3 members! So we sat outside and I found a bow and arrow and some bubbles, which prompted a challenge between myself and Rob as to who was best with a Bow and Arrow. For an ex-military type, Rob was crap and missed the target on 4 attempts out of 4. I got 2 out 2 attempts and promptly quit while I was ahead!

Having some "girls" with us allowed the conversation to remain highbrow on topics such as the latest business ownership deals, hairstyling and weddings and how they don't just happen after 8 years!...

Returning once again after the night out, the BBQ was just being readied for food and Matt was cooking some burgers for the hungry campers still up, and then the wanderers returning had some munch much like the usual Saturday night kebab. Also had some midnight wanderers in the form of Turbodave and the TV crew... they weren't stopping for food and I think that's because it wasn't deep fried and was grilled, meaning most of the fat had burnt off!

Sunday morning, traditionally a time of hang overs, and this was no exception, certainly from the more lightweight members such as Phil and JP, who clearly couldn't handle the entertainment!

Still, a bit more bacon was sorted, and everyone seemed happy enough!

Another wander around of the autojumble, and some club stand looking at, led us to the afternoon at the show arena and packing up camp as members left early to avoid the traffic, others of us went to see the judging of the various cups, Richie was surely robbed though the Orange Kadett did look awesome!

I finally left about half 4, and got stuck on the M1 behind a horrible crash involving a Ford Ka and a Jeep Cherokee. Neither looked to be in good shape at all... eventually home at half 7!

So, things we learnt from this weekend:

1. Action Man IS the greatest hero of them all. Officially licensed products should be the size for people the size that Action Man should be, and tents not designed just for the 1/6th size man!

2. Picking up a grill that has recently been subject to hot fire, with your bare fingers is not clever

3. Eight years is a LONG time to be a "couple" and not "married" especially when you're sitting next to Rob, who would have been engaged after about 8 minutes...

4. Jimbo isn't that subtle

5. Turbodave does not like my midnight sausage action

6. Danboy doesn't eat anything

7. VxON is awesome... but we knew that anyway...

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As always Alex, a pleasure :lmao:

But me Sunday morning, lightweight? are you being iiiiiiiirrrrrrooonnnnic?? :lmao:

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Looks like i missed out on some fun, tis the only problem having a girlfriend, i spent all my money in london last saturday. :lmao:

As always Alex, a pleasure :lmao:

But me Sunday morning, lightweight? are you being iiiiiiiirrrrrrooonnnnic?? :lmao:

I was gonna say Alex your having a laugh, Phil is the only bloke i know who after a heavy night wakes up the next morning brushes his teeth then cracks open another beer :lmao::lmao::lmao:

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OK I found some photos at last! Photobucket is slow my end!

Nick getting all "detailingworld" on the banner...

Happy Campers the next morning..

Marvin, now with stickers!

Wandering around... I liked this Manta Targa

JP did NOT like this Kadett (which won "best in show" in the end)

Now wondering what kinda Saab this engine is attached to:

Gets a bit warm whatever it is!

Disco Friend!

That's not a Vauxhall...

Nor's that:

Ooh, the Boss is here: on the V/X 490 Owner's Club stand, which won Best Club Stand for obvious reason!

That's not the standard engine:

That's not the standard engine either! The "Subrenza"... a Firenza body on top of an Impreza chassis and engine from a Cat-D Impreza!

That's not a Vauxhall: 3

Never got to see what this was underneath but think the artwork gave something away..

Matt proves that night time is the best time to work on a bright yellow car:

Later, at the arcade, Phil won Ned and Marge... and Naomi showed her dirty mind...

Having some beers... Matt-SRI and Stoneshed (Mrs SRI hiding behind..)

Naomi showing off her dirty side again, and I thought a crafty cleavage shot was necessary...

The Fat Controller ordered that Thomas help the naughty school bus...

Some older Vauxhalls on show

Nice Viva GT

Rob right at home if he was 50 years older

Chrome Bentley Wheels on an Astra... that is NOT cool!

Our Star Car - Richie's 3-door Mk2 Cavalier, the only known 3 door that's not a Cabrio or so I am told?

And the Kadett that won the Chairman's Cup:

And then on the way home... the owner of this was NOT happy with the traffic or the person in front..


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Impressive write up, I remember no midnight sausgae sessions but I do remember Mark saying "here, smell this" then it was all a mystery untill I woke up on Tuesday!

Cheers for the hospitality/abuse/offers of sausage!
No worries. Finally a face to the name and all that... but I think Matt wanted you to take up the sausage offer...
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