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A20NHT engine (2.0 Turbo) has common problem with leaking oil from vacuum pump. This is best known to SAAB owners(9-3 & 9-5) with 2.0T engine which is preaty same as this...

Leak can occur between pump and engine(this procedure), because bad gasket, hardened gasket etc. and from pump body itself when oring inside brake.
On ebay there is set of gasket and oring for ~30$. I had only gasket (bought for 6$ in USA when ordering rear diff oil...other topic) so I replace it.

First locate vacuum pump

It has hose going to brake servo, other part on intake manifold.
Hose connector has release button, you press it and pull hose off.
Pump is fixed with two 13mm bolts
Remove hoses to make some room.

Put some rags under pump cause some oil will leak as you remove it. Pull pump away from engine in bolt direction(to the battery)

You can clean oil filter, pull it out with pliers using 4 pins on it.
*If you need to remove oring inside, use TORX 25 and unscraw 3 remaining bolts, remove cover and replace oring.*

Remove old gasket, clean gasket channel, install new gasket (I rub it with silicone grease). Old gasket was hardened compared to new one, but wasn't breaking, damaged etc. but on some parts seams flattened.

Clean engine where pump goes, by now oil should stop leaking from bottom hole.
Put pump in place, wiggle it clockwise/counterclockwise until it fall in slot (if you didnt move pin on pump it should go right in). Put bolts back and tighten it 24Nm. Put hoses back.

Job done!
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