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Hi Guys,

just to say thanks to all those who helped me out with advice on my Veccy with a cam belt breakage. After taking all the advice I decided to have a crack at it myself (safe in the knowledge support was at hand!!!). Anyhow, although far from being a mechanic, I do have a reasonable set of tools, and a healthy respect for the workings of the engine, so what did I have to loose???

Well, to be honest I quite enjoyed the challenge. A couple of clips and nuts are a ***** to get at, but aside from that it all went well. I kept everything tidy on a bench in the garage. Labelled everything I thought I'd forget about!...and obviously bought new bolts and components where needed. I went for a recon head in the end as I was unable to source a match 2nd hand in time. I got it from Vauxplus and was pretty happy with the head, service was good, next day delivery out here to the end of Wales! Only gripe was paint overspray on mating surfaces masking c**p that needed cleaning off before assembly...oh and no studs as shown in the advertised picture.

So got it all back together, the wife came out for moral support as I turned the key for the first time....fired up a treat!:D ...but then 2 mins later an ominous rattle!

This turned out to be the water pump, bearings had gone...almost certainly what pushed the belt over the edge. Luckily my local motorfactors had a pump sittin on the shelf...I say lucky cause I'd booked an MOT for the next mornin at 9.30 (that had run out during the period off road along with the Tax so a SORN was declared). Fitted the pump an hour later and she fired up a treat once more.

Cleaned her up in the mornin (mould all over the interior - nice smell too!) and drove her down to the Test centre while trying to wear the rust off the discs!!!....

...she passed with just some new indicator bulbs (orange had peeled off)...up to the post office, new tax disc and a big smile on my face!:D

I've got some more worked planned to do, but she's back on the road and all thanks to a little encouragement and sound advice from you guys...So a Big Thanks once again!:Cool2:

It's been a real experience and I've come away knowing a lot more about my Veccy and feeling a lot more confident about tackling jobs that I previously thought above me. Also I have got a new found appreciation of what real mechanics have to deal with! On the down side I do find myself listening to every squeak and rattle and worrying about it!...but hey, maybe that's not such a bad thing!:lmao:

Cheers Guys, Art
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