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Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping safe and well of the virus.
I'm new to this forum, hoping you can help me.
My aerial base has broken on my 2016 Vivaro. I'm wanting to replace it while I have some time on my hands... been off work with the lock down.
I have looked at it before and know it's not just a standard straight swap from a local car parts shop.
Could anybody advice what aerial base I could use (other than £70 original) that will will give a good signal as the original factory? + any mods or how toos if it's not a direct plug and play.
I have a roof rack on the van and although I had swapped the original whip for a lower profile beesting 1 it still sat above the roof rack and hence it eventually got caught and snapped off. So ideally I would prefer to use a shark fin type or possibly an adjustable base 1 so I can fold the whip right back under the rack.

Many thanks
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