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First event of 2014, and one that wasn't too bad!

Anyway, our weekend started on Friday, as we went up to Bristol to meet some of the others for the evening. During the day, I spent my time washing both cars (Vectra & Corsa) and getting them packed. Once Jo had finished work, we left and started out journey. Less than 15mins into it, my car mirror was hit by a woman who was speeding and who decided that a Peugeot 206 needed a lot more room on a small road than anyone else ever would, cue a dismantled mirror assembly and smashed glass. A quick phonecall to Mark to see if he could pick me up a new glass was done, thankfully. The mirror was all clipped back together thankfully.
The rest of the journey was uneventful, and we found that Jos Corsa seemed to be running on unburnt fuel fumes from the Vectra, as she managed to cover 65miles AND add 40 miles to the range on the trip computer. My car wasn't suite that economical, even driving it gently the whole way. Bah.
We checked in to our 'Posh' hotel, and then met up with everyone else at the Harvester not long before 7pm. Phil & Matt were both well away at this point, as they reminded us frequently that they'd been drinking since 3pm ish.... :lol:
We bailed relatively early, I wasn't feeling brilliant from my trip away (I'd only come home on Thursday afternoon) and got to sleep.

We met up at 7.30 on Saturday morning - none of us had any early Track time like in the past, and there was no reason to rush off. We had a steady drive to CC, and arrived around 8.15. We got parked up, and started the normal milling about. Mark went to get his Corsa noise tested, and in the same process, reminded us all that it was still early in the morning. It's very loud. It failed. An extra silencer was fitted, but we couldn't mount it securely and the officials still wouldn't pass it. Bah.
Some of our newer members turned up, and got parked up.
- Nathan had a tiday and rather shiny (well, once he gave it a wipe down) Astra.
- Luke had a spanking new Corsa Black Edition. He wouldn't swap the Grille for ours. Ha.
- Helen came along with a very nice looking Zafira GSi.
Special mention to Nathan & Luke - they came down from Durham! Good effort!

We went for a walk around the Circuit & took a few pictures. The weather was holding out for most of the day, but in the afternoon, a few shower arrived. This kind of stopped the day for a lot of people at the Track. The sessions were less populated, and people started packing up to go.

We hung around until around 3pm, but then went on our way.

If the weather had held out, the day would have been a bit better.

I took a few pics, but not everything came out very well. I think my Camera needs a little cleaning.


63-IMG_6126 by djgritt, on Flickr

62-IMG_6125 by djgritt, on Flickr

03-IMG_5965 by djgritt, on Flickr

04-IMG_5966 by djgritt, on Flickr

06-IMG_5968 by djgritt, on Flickr

05-IMG_5967 by djgritt, on Flickr

07-IMG_5970 by djgritt, on Flickr

08-IMG_5972 by djgritt, on Flickr

09-IMG_5973 by djgritt, on Flickr

10-IMG_5979 by djgritt, on Flickr

14-IMG_5989 by djgritt, on Flickr

17-IMG_6019 by djgritt, on Flickr

22-IMG_6030 by djgritt, on Flickr

25-IMG_6035 by djgritt, on Flickr

34-IMG_6054 by djgritt, on Flickr

41-IMG_6064 by djgritt, on Flickr

51-IMG_6084 by djgritt, on Flickr

57-IMG_6113 by djgritt, on Flickr

58-IMG_6114 by djgritt, on Flickr

60-IMG_6118 by djgritt, on Flickr

71-IMG_6162 by djgritt, on Flickr

73-IMG_6165 by djgritt, on Flickr

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Nice pics, yesterday was my first ever show with my car as not had it very long, sorry I wasn't able to stop and talk as I was asl with my partner who had his car on the mitsubishi lancer register stand to so we both arrived very late, after giving my glass a quick clean I then had to clean the evo too. We did pop back a couple of times but everyone seemed to be elsewhere and not at the stand, hopefully we can catch up at the next local show. Helen

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Hi Helen.

My GF liked the Zafira! It was lovely and clean too, looked good.

The Evo looked good from what I saw of it too.

The Combe shows aren't the best for social stuff as there is a lot going on so not many hang around, and also we had the showers yesterday which doesn't help - I didn't get to speak to many either which is unfortunate.

Hopefully nobody scared you off anyway! A couple of the guys had had a heavy night on the Friday... :LOL:

We will be attending the Combe day in September as well if you end up wanting to get to that one :)

Team Tommy Tank!
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Could have been worse, could have been blowing like on @Matt-SRI 's Monaro... :D
ha! Matey from the Travelodge didn't seem to like it much...

Aaaanway, was a cracking weekend. The friday night out was a right old laugh and even with the weather getting bad in the afternoon on Saturday it made for some interesting spectating.

Hopefully some of the newer members can make Billing, as @djgritt says, there's much more of a social element on the stand itself at that one.

We need to get @Aydena s video on here of the double piggy back!
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