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Good Morning everyone,

I'm hoping that someone can give me advice on the issues I'm currently experiencing with my Zafira.

Last week whilst driving It suddenly started losing Power, that I had to pull over, since then it doesn't go over 15 mph on a level and inclined road.

The engine management light is on.

I called Green Flag, who after assessing the car via one of those OBD II , the type you can get of Amazon for about £25, the engineer said no faults were coming up, but due to the rough idling he reckoned it was either a spark plug issue or the coilpack, So I swapped both for bosch parts.

When removing the old plugs they all were black and wet.

Unfortunately it didn't make a difference, as the issue is still here, it started off promising, but as soon as I accelerated it went back to limp mode.

Took to a Halfords autocentre, as a last hope, as my local garage was fully booked and on holiday when completing current workload.

Halfords came back with missfire on cylinders 1.3,4, and an issue with the Swirlflap in the Intake Manifold, they said the catalytic converter was fine.

They suggested I took the car to Vauxhall , or a garage that specialised in this type of repairs, whatever that means.

Does anyone have an idea what else it could be, and if it's an expensive job?

Car idles rough- slight vibration
15mph top speed, unless going down hill
Running Rich
Missfires on cylinders 1,3,4
Issue on the Swirlflap in the intake manifold
Spark plug black and wet- All 4
Engine Management light constantly on, also INSPECT light on too.

Thank you very much
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