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Hi all,

about 3 weeks ago i was driving in the rain on a country road and came across a pretty deep puddle (about 8ins deep, at a guess???), and had no choice but to drive my 07 Corsa through. had no trouble getting through and everythings been running as normal since.......

Except for when i start the engine from cold. the engine starts fine but there is a sort of squeak just after the engine kicks in. it only lasts for a second or two, and doesnt happen if when starting when the engine is already warm, but it's definitely only done it since i went through the puddle! The nearest thing i can liken it to is the sort of sound when an old car's fanbelt goes, but again it only lasts for a couple of seconds then everything seems normal.

I thought it was probably moisture/muck gotten into the fuel system but have run a bottle of RedEx through without a cure. just wondered if anyone else had any ideas or if i should consult VX on it?

thanks all
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