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The light which indicates the glowplug preheater is working does not come on. One day the van was struggling to start and the next it won't start at all. The engine turns over but does not kick in to run. When the engine is turned over another light sometimes appears regarding engine electronics.

I have:
- changed the glowplug relay
- put in a new fuel filter
- confirmed the fuel pump is working
- bled all air out of the fuel system (which got in when i was fannying around with the filter).
- cheked all the fuses on the ECU (but not the relays because I don't have the right wires)
- confirmed the glow plugs are fine by testing the resistance with a multimeter.

This is driving me mad now. What else can I do?

Suggestions I need to look into:
- Coil pack
- Air filter
- Exhaust gas regulation valve (?)
- ECU relays

I'm trying to avoid the cost of calling someone out. But might be forced to.

What's the best way to check all the wiring?

Thanks in advance,


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Don't waste your time looking for the coil pack.
Can guarantee with 100% certainty it will not be that.
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