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New to the forum and recommended to join by a mate.

I am (reluctantly) selling my Vectra as spares or repairs. It has just failed the MOT and at the same time as I had just bought my wife a new car, with the view to selling her Astra H. I have now taken on the Astra so need to sell the Vectra...

Faults first:
rear brake pipes need replaced on both sides
scratch on bumper at rear offside
rear offside passenger door has a nice bit of paint on it from someone elses car who didn't bother to leave a note - luckily this will come off, I just haven't done it yet.
aircon needs regassesd

Good stuff:
Drives like a train!!
really comfy to drive
New clutch fitted 3k miles ago
refurb gearbox from Z18XER fitted at the same time - done approx. 40k in total

Z18XE engine
108,426 miles
MOT expired
Needs a service (got all the parts but with the MOT.... can be included for the right price)
Beige (V5 lists as silver though)

Buyer collects, happy for you to inspect it, fire it up but obviously can't do a test drive.

Aylesbury HP21
£500 o.n.o

Any questions please contact me

(hopefully the pics attach ok in the PDF)

EDIT - Price dropped - £400 o.n.o


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