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I recently bought this car for my wife to use to get to and from work. She isn't very keen on it and I have my own car, so after much debate, it is back up for sale.

2003, mk4 Astra 1.6 Club 8v (z16se engine)
Metallic silver
Aircon, power steering, central locking, front electric windows, CD player.
The car has a full service history with it (owned by an elderly lady before us since 2010)
The car is in very very good condition. One small mark on the front bumper
Everything works on the car, however please note the following that I have become aware of:

1. I had to do the thermostat in the top pipe repair as the car wasn't warming up. This has done the trick, but please be aware of it.
2. It has noisy hydraulic lifters. I've been told it's common with these cars.
3. I have had a new front hub put in as the speedometer was starting to play up (sensor on the wheel). This all works spot on now.
4. The car has a slight smell of cigarette smoke. It isn't overpowering, but it is there. Probably needs a good cleaning and maybe a steam clean.

MOT is until June 2017 so still got a while to go. The only advisory on the last one was one front tyre (which looks like it's been replaced since as looks quite new) and rusty rear springs. I've been told they are fine and just look rusty, but don't quote me on it.

Apart from that the car drives well and still feels nice and solid and handles well.
The car is in Glasgow and would have to be collected from here where we will do all the necessary paperwork.
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