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Oh dear.

I got a low coolant warning yesterday so I topped up with distilled water.

Same again this morning.

Went for a 20ish mile drive & stopped for an hour or so. Returned to the car to find a substantial puddle underneath, and another 'low coolant'.

I've not been under the car, but the leak seems to be from 'behind' the engine rather than from the front (radiator).

Before I take it in to my local VX dealer, can anybody suggest what the cause is most likely to be? Is this a 'known' Omega type thing? Please say a cracked hose (or similar), and not something expensive!

[edit] I have had the car for 100,000 miles and it has generally not needed the coolant attending to outside the normal servicing, but before each of the last 3 services I have had to top up a couple of weeks before the service was due [/edit]

[edit2] Great diagnosis :cool:
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other cause may be oil cooler cover, its only gasket sealant so may have deteriorated. its down between the heads and is a bit of stripping down but is possible to do if your brave enough.
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