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My pal’s corsa won’t start. It’s a 1996 1200cc 8v. Engine code c12nz.
It was running fine last night when she parked it but this morning it wouldn’t start.
I’m a mechanic but I’m not familiar with this car.
She’s getting a spark but no fuel.
Her fuel pump isn’t running and her injector isn’t opening. Suggesting whatever controls these components isn’t switching them on.
I’ve checked the fuses and relays and they’re fine. The wiring to the relays is ok.
I’ve bridged the relay and the pump should run but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even get a live feed.
The earth is ok.
The fuse for the injection system isn’t live. (20a no. 26).
I ran a live feed from the battery to the fuel pump and it still didn’t run. The earth is ok.
Suggesting the pump is faulty.
When I done that the injector fuse became live, but it still wouldn’t start.
We’ve tried a spare key but it was still the same.
I’m looking for an accurate fuse legend for this car if anyone knows were one is.

Any ideas on what could be wrong with it?


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