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I'm about do delve into my electrics for a spot of fault finding and due to not having a Vectra manual pack would be gratefull if someone could scan and mail me the pages with the fuse and relay information.

Cheers in advance, Col

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Pre Facelift fuse No

F 1- spare
F 2- 30A-air con/cooling fan
F 3- 40A-rear heated screen
F 4- spare
F 5- spare
F 6- 10A-RH dipped beam/headlight levelling
F 7- 10A-RH parking light/tail light
F 8- 10A-RH main beam
F 9- 30A-headlight washer
F10- 20A-horn
F11- 30A-central locking
F12- 20A-front fog lights
F13- spare
F14- 30A-windscreen washer
F15- spare
F16- 10A-rear fogs
F17- 30A-elec windows
F18- 10A-number plate light
F19- 20A-fuel pump
F20- 30A-elec windows
F21- spare
F22- 20A-hazard warning lights/info display/trip comp/air con/
Interior light/cooling fan/infotainment system
F23- spare
F24- 10A-LH dipped beam/headlight leveling
F25- 10A-LH parking light/tail light
F26- 10A-LH main beam
F27- spare
F28- 20A-coolant heating(diesel )
F29- 10A-hazard lights/elec mirrors/elec windows/sunroof/instruments/
cruise control/interior light
F30- 30A-sunroof
F31- spare(also been known to be the cigar socket worth a look socket not working )
F32- 10A-daytime running lights(scadinavia)
F33- 10A-constant supply for tow socket
F34- 10A-cd player
F35- 10A-ABS/traction control/auto box
F36- 20A-air con/heated seats/cigar socket
F37- spare
F38- 10A-stop lights/reverse lights/auto trans/cooling fan/
tid-mid display/cruise control
F39- 10A-auto trans
F40- 10A-cooling fan/air con/heated rear screew
F41- 10A-heated mirrors

Facelift fuse No as above with the following changes

F 6-15A
F13-10A-interior light
F15-5A-reading lights
F19-10A-radio/carphone/infotainment system
F21-10A-infotainment system/select lever lock/central locking/hazard warning lights
F22- 20A-hazard warning lights/information display/air con/interior light/
cooling fan/infotainment system
F29- 10A-hazard warning lights/dipped beam/reverse lights/elec mirrors/elec windows/sunroof/
Instruments/interior lights
F31- 30A-interior light/instrument illumination
F33- 20A-constant supply to tow socket
F34- 20A-instuments/radio/carphone/infotainment system
F36- 20A-air con/heated seats
F37- 10A-cigar lighter
F38- 10A-stop lights/cooling fan/information display/cruise control
F40- 10A-cooling fan/air con

Hope this helps you out conker

Thanks to mikedti on vectrasport
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