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1995 omega 2.5 24v v6
sorry for the trouble, I'm a 4x4 specialists trying to help a client.
client has gone to main dealer, had new cam belt kit and water pump fitted, within a week the engine developes a very bad cam rattle on the drivers side. main dealer said the timing is correct. i checked the timing all ok. i checked the cam buckets and found play in them, replace the cam buckets on that side, road test for a miles no different. did oil flush x 2 with new oil filters and top end treatment, no change. drop sump and checked oil pick up all ok. Q1. is thier any oil feeds by the water hosing (ie bolts with too much silicon on them and blocking the oil holes).
I think it is a block oil feed to the head.
can anyone help please
thank you

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Sorry to hear of the problems your having.

Looking at my 2.5 with the cam covers off, it appears that the camshafts are flood feed with oil, there's no spray bar to get blocked up. I would personally clean away any sealant that you can see, as one could block up the oil way that emerges at the top of the head, feeding this area with oil.

It may be worth taking the belt off and re-timing, using the proper cam locking tools and gauge to verify that the timing is spot on, a few teeth out and all hell can break loose.

Check the compressions before doing any of this, worst case scenario, timings out and valves have met pistons.

May be worth having a spare set of 2.5 heads, complete with cams and tappets on standby, just so you can swap the whole lot over wholesale. If you really want to please the customer, get a set of 3.0 heads and swap the lot over, the inlet cams are of a different profile and give an extra 10-15BHP!!. The Vectra GSi 2.5 uses 3.0 cams to good effect.

Anyway, back to the issue in hand.

-Check the whole top head area for sealant blocking passageways
-Carry out a compression test to verify all compressions are spot on.
-Substitute with known good cams and bucket tappets.

Before doing any of this though, check the oil pressure relief valve on the filter, I've seen cases on other cars where this has wedged open or closed, and created pressure at top end. Does the noise go away when the engine is revved to say 3000RPM? if so, could be something like the Oil pressure relief valve.

HTH, and welcome to the forum..

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